Racefood equity investment

Oct 03

Racefood equity investment

We are pleased to announce that Fortuna (FIH) subsidiary Certo Sports has entered into an agreement with Wedgewood Nougat to acquire Racefood and its endurance bars, Fastbar and Farbar. Wedgewood Nougat will continue to manufacture these bars for Certo Sports. Certo Sports also holds the rights to sportswear brand, Olympic.

•    Racefood product is designed by athletes for endurance events, providing healthy energy from only natural ingredients.
•    The vision is to establish a sports brand portfolio company under the Certo Sports banner.

Why Racefood
•    Racefood is a homegrown brand with a clear positioning, distinctive product attributes, and unique packaging.
•    It has established associations with premier events and races.
•    The brand enjoys endorsements from elite endurance athletes.
•    There is an opportunity to expand listings in the national and specialist retail network.
•    Potential for team sponsorships.

Certo Sports brings:
•    Clear positioning and differentiated aesthetics;
•    Significant runway to expand styles and national retail network;
•    Opportunity to expand on the continent beyond BLNS;
•    Entry into a robust market characterised by sustained demand; and 
•    Sponsorship through extensive sporting events.

Wedgewood nougat brings:
•    Trusted and experienced manufacturing partners.