Our Story

Our Story

The Universe is over 13 billion years old. Since the beginning no day has been the same. Big bangs, supernovae, black holes, galaxy formations and that problem of endless expansion into apparently nowhere… it’s been a busy time.

In short, guarantees are unlikely. The unexpected happens. Reversals and drops occur with the same regularity as booms or bubbles and all of it, regrettably, with little warning. We, at FIH take the long view, we enlist the very finest brains, we study everything and then we work very hard to establish an unfair advantage. The advantage of not having to respond every time the market lurches up or down. Or rolls over, and goes to sleep.

As the tides of fortune rise and fall, indeed the best time to plan for great success is when the financial omens look the least auspicious. Right now, SA, the region and indeed the world, seems fraught with volatility and uncertainty. Everywhere something unexpected is happening. Rates may rise, leaders may fall; never has the machinations of the powerful been so transparent or their true ambitions more cloaked.

It is the purpose of FIH to see beyond all this and secure investments in businesses that will prosper now and well into the future.

It is also why we have selected an old roman coin as our symbol. Fortuna means more than luck. Frankly relying on luck, in our opinion, is mostly for the luckless. Fortuna is about relying on acumen, clear-sightedness, true understanding, very hard work and a willingness to move when you must. Fortuna is about mind, as much as it is about heart and muscle. It is about long plans, well laid, that bring forth rewards.

It’s about a meeting of minds and a weaving together of values and ambitions. To prosper under Fortuna demands common purpose and shared effort. It also requires a willingness to ‘call it hard’ and the courage occasionally, to call it day.