The Board of FIH retains full and effective control over the business and is ultimately accountable for the performance of the Company, appreciating that strategy, risk and performance are all inseparable. There is currently only one Executive Director (CEO), who performs all executive duties. The roles of the Chairman and CEO are separate. The Chairman’s role is non- executive and encompasses the co-ordination of all governance activities, mentor to the CEO and overseer of company performance. Apart from the Chairman and CEO, there are three more Non-Executive Directors, offering a unique combined mix of technical, industry, entrepreneurial, financial and business skills. With the approval of the board, most administrative functions, including those of the Company Secretary, are outsourced. All directors have access to the CEO and the Company Secretary. All Directors are entitled to seek independent professional advice concerning the affairs of FIH at the expense of the business. Directors are subject to election by shareholders at the first opportunity following their appointment. Directors retire by rotation and stand for re-election by shareholders at least once every three years. The CEO has a six months notice period and a 12 month restraint of trade agreement. The Board meets quarterly. The Board furthermore oversees all investment transactions of the business via the Investment Committee, which is supported by an approved delegation of authority. The Investment Committee meet as and when matters arise. The CEO is not a member of the Investment Committee, but attends its meetings to present new investment opportunities. Communication of investment transactions will be summarized for shareholders as and when transactions occur, as well as in the upcoming interim and final results, whichever is relevant. The risk appetite and tolerance levels of FIH are expressed in its Investment Philosophy, Business Model and Performance Targets.

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