Investment in Trellidor

Nov 26

Investment in Trellidor

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired a share interest of 5.6% in Trellidor Holdings.

•    10 branches, 90 franchises
•    550 employees
•    Distribution footprint across 26 countries 
•    50-year brand equity 

A unique position in the security market 
Dominant in its market, Trellidor was founded in 1970 and listed on the JSE in 2015 in the Building and Construction Material sector. It is well-known for its design, manufacture, distribution and retail of high-quality physical barrier products for burglar proofing homes and businesses. Products include barrier security, window coverings and door opening solutions. These are distributed through more than 70 franchises in South Africa and 17 in the rest of Africa. The company also has representation in the United Kingdom, Israel, Europe and Australia. 

Why Trellidor 
Financially Trellidor has a proven track record with a history of profitability, strong cash conversion of earnings, consistent dividends and a strong balance sheet. 

The business is supported by good governance and sound fiscal disciplines, disclosures and controls.  

Operationally the company utilises in-house systems and owns its end-to-end value chain. Its accredited manufacturing facilities are situated in Durban and Cape Town.

Its value chain includes product development and design with the ability to easily scale into adjacent categories.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer behaviour. People are spending more time at home, while levels of crime and unrest have increased. The consequence of these trends have forced consumers to pay more attention to securing their properties which has supported continued growth for the company. It is well positioned to leverage its unique distribution network and increase its regional footprint through expansion opportunities.