Computer Mania investment concluded

Oct 25

Computer Mania investment concluded

We are pleased to announce that we and our consortium partners, SAAD, have acquired 30% of the issued share capital of Computer Mania.
•    Equal co-investment with SAAD
•    Long-term investment alignment of investment philosophies
•    30-year brand equity 
•    Opportunity for omnichannel growth

About the deal
Why did you invest? Why did you look them?

Computer Mania has access to a growing market – whereby consumers’ need for digital connection and technology products have escalated over the past few years. This trend in consumer behaviour has increased on the back of COVID-19 as more people realised a need, and the benefits, of being more digitally connected. 

The company also has a clear and existing omnichannel positioning. Opportunities for growth lies in scaling the business into adjacent categories, footprint expansion and digital capabilities.

We have full confidence in in Computer Mania as an investment, their culture and their ongoing leadership participation. The management team brings extensive entrepreneurial and leadership experience.

Why Computer Mania 
Computer Mania was founded in 1991 in Cape Town. It has more than 20 owned and 10 franchise stores country wide, and provides access to products via three e-Commerce platforms. The business occupies a premium position in the market, aiming to serve discerning customers, without reliance on retailer credit funding models.

Merchandise categories include IT accessories, components, consumables, desktop, gaming, networks, notebooks, printers, scanners and software, in the main. With customer trends leaning into gaming, components and custom build hardware, it is well poised to benefit from this. 

About our investment partner
SAAD was established in 2006 as the investment management arm of the Tree of Life Foundation, a registered Public Benefit Organisation in SA. Various equity investments are included in its portfolio across multiple industries. 
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